Saturday, June 21, 2014

Churchill is asleep

It's a long story but I don't know how it starts. By the time I get to this place where a painter is painting on an easel in a big building, possibly a gallery, I must turn right before where the painter sits and there's a sort of passageway. It's almost completely blocked by a naked man, very broad in the beam, who appears to be waiting outside a door that he's facing. As I edge past his back I notice there is a sign on the door that says "Lav". I think to myself "Fuck that, I'm not going in there" and go to the next door along. The latch is sealed with a gold device threaded through, which I unhook. Inside is a small room longer than it is wide. Though I can only see the top of his head, I can see that Churchill is asleep behind the computer screen, so I will have to go back.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Events as governing points

As events happen and things move, at all times all of the relative views are calculable. All relatives hold true. But there is a governing point at the locus of an event. Each governing point is an event. The governing points are authoritative. Until the event occurs it cannot give any relative appearance to any other entity. It occurs once, establishing a governing point, a fixed authority. No other entity can gainsay the governing point. It owns inherent objectivity.

We cannot trap these governing points because they are evanescent and distant. Before we know about them they have already gone. We can't know them before they occur, can't know them at the same time they occur unless they are part of our own internal world, only after they have already occurred. Each container can hold within it innumerable transient events and each person as a container of thoughts has access to authoritative sources. The box knows what happened to Schrodinger's cat.


From where A stands, B looks one inch tall. From where B stands, A looks one inch tall. They are both sixty inches tall and N metres apart. A is right about himself and wrong about B. B is right about himself and wrong about A. Rightness is inherent in the entity itself. Each entity is its own truth but no other can know it exactly. That doesn't mean there is no truth, only that it's hard to know about what is outside.

That takes care of what is outside. What is inside an entity is carried there blind and impervious to what's outside. The mind, being inside of one, is in its own world, the world of oneself. However, the mind has windows onto the outside, in the form of eyesight, hearing etc. We apply our minds to understanding what is outside and calculating what the truth might be.

It is a mistake to say that each viewpoint is equally valid, the prime example being whether A and B are dead or alive. It makes no difference what A thinks about B being dead or alive. It only matters whether B as B is dead or alive. B is the absolute authority on whether he is dead or alive. No relative impression has any authority. B owns the attribute "dead or alive". That is a governing point.


Governing points are start points and the world is continually emergent in the form of new governing points. All else relating to a point is governed by the point. It is instantaneous and transient. The traces it leaves are like ripples after a pebble falls in a pond, except that the pebble vanishes in no time. One nanosecond after the pebble strikes, it is a different pebble that continues to make its way through the surface of the water. We can hypothesize that like points in geometry, controlling points are infinitely/infinitesimally small. We might call them events, except that the everyday sense of the word "event" creates a misleading impression. So I will call them points.

The world consists of continually emergent infinitesimal points, each of which is the authority on itself. The point governs its own existence. No entity can make any observation or conclusion about a point, until the point emerges. Because its existence is infinitesimally small, it is gone before any entity can exert any control over it. A point has power, it is authoritative and conclusive. But when it comes to knowing about governing points, we are all at sea. Truth is a moving target.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lines find a home

I'm very pleased that Staxtes magazine has published Winter Thoughts as part of its English Wednesdays series online, with a marvellous picture by Stratos.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Staying with the B.....s again

As we often do, or I do anyway, not always the missus, but this time both, we were staying with the B.....s. We're not quite well off enough though. There seems to be a shortage of clothes. And when we are out it's difficult to know which station, which route in the vastness of town, a way that will be within our means. Not enough coins to pay for a taxi to the airport. We end up in a street of small terraced houses. At first there's no one around and as we are naked, we lie down and she starts to suck me off. Then the youths and children of the street look on in amusement, so we have to leave and go back to the B.....s. I see old B..... He is a tall, ominous man, standing sidelong in a doorway across the space. He never says much but I'm afraid because, of course, a long time ago I killed two of his children, and so I try to hide.


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